Thursday, September 15, 2016

winter postcards

Spring takes a little longer to reach us here. There's signs if you look, daffodil stems poking through soil lining the footpaths to houses. Lamb ewes with their mothers dotted across the landscape as you drive by on the Monaro Highway. Right now we are dealing with rain and lingering winter illnesses. The mountain man and I declared this to be one of the worst winters for us in nine years. I was then surprised to come across some photos that showed things might not of been so gloomy after all and that there were some beautiful moments to be grateful for.

Starting with friendly afternoon visitors...

The excitement (and relief) when the mountain man brings home another load of wood to be stacked. There's nothing more comforting than being surrounded by piles of wood when you live in a cold region, knowing you will continue to have a warm cosy house and dry clothes in the morning.


Family skiing at Selwyn Snowfields. Finally a year where we could all ski together. We only managed a few days skiing in the entire season due to illnesses and bad weather and the snow then being rained away but it did come back! Unfortunately at the same time our wood piles were pretty low and mountain man had to spend a couple of weekends in the woods chainsawing. But never mind, I was so relieved I could even manage some time on the snow after my health issues this year and to do so with my favourite peeps was bliss. Luckily I took some photos with my phone camera, as you can see our hands are literally full.

How was your Winter? Are you yearning for Summer? I am! Bring on plenty of vitamin D and mouth watering fruits and salads. If you are heading in to cooler weather, are you ready? Well then, you better get your knit on.


  1. Oh I can completely relate to having a. Nice cozy fire!! Poor hubby has spent a lot of his weekends doing the same thing! The snow looks great - how fun you could all head up together!

    1. So much work goes in to keeping the wood stove going. As you would know it's good for the boys in keeping them centred on practical life skills. All mothers can appreciate how epic it was for me to spend time on the snow with the whole family if only for a few days.

  2. that's so very nice! I am happy to read this, the snow, the new wood, that you were able to be out!

  3. How great that you got to the snow! I have a friend in Tumut who went to Selwyn a few times this year - I wish we lived near some snow. Not all that far from my brother in Beechworth either. Maybe I could make it up there one year!
    It is always so satisfying to see a good supply of wood in. We have been living load to load this year and it does not feel good!

  4. While you wait for spring and sun and warm weather I yearn for autumn and winter- for cooler weather and rain, rain, rain... Maybe we can exchange some weather ;-)
    We have a huge stock of wood for when we will finally have a new house AND an a wood stove to keep us warm in winter.

  5. It has been a long winter over here as well Zena, and it is still dragging on, despite being officially spring. We don't have a wood fire so I relish any opportunity to sit by a crackling fire. Reverse cycle air conditioning gives a completely different kind of warmth, and we had no heat at all when our power blacked out for the past 24 hours.I'm waiting patiently for the sun to return, but feeling rather envious of your snow at the same time! x

  6. So great that you all got to Ski together this year. That must have been exciting. How old is your youngest? It will be a few years for us but we are still keen to head down in the bus sometime and soak up the beautiful countyside. I love it down there. Summer is hitting us up here already!!! Where is spring??? We are buying a big fan today!! Crazy!! xx Sam

  7. Are you getting any spring yet? It is sunny here today but more rain expected. Nobody can do anything as the paddocks are way too soggy. Hopefully it will dry up soon - and then we will be hoping for rain again!

  8. hi! wanted to say thank you so much for your kind comment recently!!! God bless you!!! I hope you are having a good day and feeling better!