Wednesday, February 10, 2016

in my kitchen february 2016

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Rob's fermented sauerkraut on proscuitto and mountain bread. This was a delicious hit, unfortunately the ones in the back were misses. But you loose some and win some with fermentation; it's just part of the learning process. Rob is a big fan of Katz Sander's wild style of fermentation. A prosciutto shoulder piece was gifted to us from my mum. Ordered months ago from Liverpool, Sydney. A delicious treat for us every day to the last bite. Until next year!

Tomato Sauce especially for Mr Eight. I used what I had in the fridge - an assortment of tomatoes approximately 600grams, 1/4 onion, cumin, cloves, mustard seed, salt, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar on the stove top for an 1 hour, cooled and wizzed up in my new Froothie.

Sunflower seed condiment especially for Rob and his month detox from the Christmas holiday excess. I can't find the recipe link! One cup sunflower seeds, juice from one lemon and some Himalayan salt and home grown garlic to taste.

Warmer weather means lighter food. Vietnamese Spring Rolls: Tofu, carrots, cucumber, coriander wrapped in Rice Paper. The dipping sauce is made of Bragg All Natural Purpose Seasoning and fresh ginger.

Haven't made the move to the capsule craze and although tempting for the convenience, I won't for environmental reasons. However, for a change, I would like to try a different ethical and fair trade brew. Any suggestions? I like my coffee strong and sweet.

Pumpkin, fetta, caramelized onions and sage pizza. Our toddler's favourite. I absolutely love rolling out dough; I actually find it liberating. This is how I feel in action, shown here on the Radical Homemakers book cover.

Lots of Juicing over the warmer months. Celery, apple, pear and lemon recipe inspiration from Reboot with Joe. Incidentally, I have put on a whole dress size over Summer eating "lighter" foods! Zero excercise and perhaps two servings of dinner and baked goods may have something to do with that!

Last night I made everyone Chicken Korma, since a cold has claimed us one by one. Free range chicken, organic carrots and good ole dependable frozen peas, fresh coriander on a bed of organic basmati rice. I always add a cup of homemade chicken stock and a can of Ayam coconut milk to my curries for nutritional benefits and delicious natural flavours.

Warm and nourishing Chicken Korma with homemade chicken stock and Ayam coconut milk enjoyed by the toddler of the house. I just can't get enough of his little pudgey hands.

Lunching on Red lentil organic curry spice soup with potatoes, carrots, onions, homegrown garlic, homemade chicken stock and a little Organic Vegetable bouillon. Our saviour - Rye bread ordered weekly from our little local Bakery.

What a great way to showcase your cooking. I must make an effort to capture the actual cooking around here and take note on night time shadows. So, dear fellow cooking friends, what's in your Kitchen?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

embroidery, a shawl and cushions

The Original Dropcloth Sampler, by Rebecca Ringquist.

I have embroidered since I was a teen but never such a vibrant sampler and learned a few new fancy stitches along the way. Instead of stitching fabric around the edge, I stretched the sampler over a piece of foam core and framed it. I smile every time I walk past it.

New year, new cushion covers - Buzoku Cotton Canvas and Buzoku Cotton Duck from Spotlight. I had a little mental breakdown in there. I only get a chance to go once year and it's always at a new location so I don't know where anything is. Usually the family are waiting in the car and I have a very short time limit to frantically get what I need. I get so overwhelmed and distracted by the huge selection of craft from every category that my eyes scan each item desperately trying to take it all in and I get a little dizzy. Must make more trips to the big city Spotlight store to feel "less dizzy". Yes, that's just what the doctor ordered for one overwhelmed crafty mama from the bush.

 I started another lace shawl but found it too hard to concentrate on while everyone was home on holidays. So I frogged it and cast on the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People (and I do get sad!). There's lots of mistakes I didn't go back to fix as I wasn’t use to working with slippery lace needles and such thin yarn. In saying that, Malabrigo yarn has a wonderful feel and mesmerising colour way. I’m not bothered by the mistakes because they remind me of special moments in time, mostly difficult times.  However aren't those times important for personal growth, realisation and reflection?

From my iphone. Threw on a hat to disguise bedridden hair from a head cold and sore throat.

Over the Summer holidays I (over) indulged in Netflix viewing. (One of the perks from moving out of Kosciuszko National Park) Currently knitting and cross stitching through Downton Abbey episodes. WW1 has just been declared over. Hurrah! Oh I do hope Lady Sybil and the chauffeur can fight against class barriers to be together...Aren't these British drama's  - Call the Midwife, Land Girls and The Paradise - just the bees knees?

Have you discovered the Women's Hour podcasts? If not, please click through. Intelligent interviews and discussions on current issues from a female perspective. 

What have you been crafting, reading, listening and watching?

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