Tuesday, March 18, 2014

daily life

Heirloom tomatoes enjoyed fresh on sourdough with butter. Lebanese zuchinni's too bulbous to make Kousa Mahshi. Disappointing. Must speak to my "live in" gardener about that. Nevertheless, waste not want not. To the morning omelete you must go.

Painting old frames ready for snaps taken from my new DSLR canon. Happy 10th Anniversary says he to me.

An uplifting surprise win (after a glum few weeks) from one of my favourite reads.

 A great collection of books found at the tip shop.

Washing vintage linen on a sunny day. Thinking of sewing projects such as repurposing in to this or this.

Preparations in Autumn...looks like we will be spending another winter in this draughty house.

How is your daily life?