Saturday, December 20, 2014

birthday cake and handmade toys

Happy 2nd birthday to our delightful and happy, ray of sunshine, Archie.

Dark chocolate quinoa flour cake with almond meal from this recipe. I made a Chocolate Coconut Cream Ganache from a can of coconut cream, icing sugar and cacao. Topped with fresh boysenberries and blueberries and sprinkled with icing sugar. We just love chocolate, nuts and fresh seasonal fruit around here. Ganache icing and cake decorating inspiration from The Kind Cook.

Birthday cake garland was made with Japanese Washi Tape, twine and two kebab skewers.

ROAR says T-Rex from Peppa Pig. I found a free pattern at a Hungarian blog MintaMokus. Thank you Helga! I used 100% wool felt from one of my favourite craft stores, Indigo Inspirations.

This was the perfect last minute handmade gift. I found this very rewarding to make and Archie was over the moon. I'll definitely be making more handmade felted toys for the children and for gifting.

A Steiner Doll made by Tibetan refugee and local Indian women from Dolls for Tibet. Archie is just enarmoured by his friendship doll, Peter. I also bought a pair of pyjamas and a knitted cardigan and beanie in hopes to help with bedtime and keeping warm clothes on in Winter.

I had plans to make some Christmas Tree decorations and stockings but that definitely won't happen until after Christmas. I guess that's what the school holidays are for and I'll be ahead of time for next year.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!