Thursday, July 31, 2014


Wonky Lego Building Blocks Birthday Cake with missing letter, Y. Not Pinterest worthy but Mr Seven declared it to be the most awesome cake ever. Music to his mamas ears.

Simple buttercake with real ingredients: butter, sugar, free range eggs, vanilla extract and organic flour. Baked in a square pan, cut in to rectangles and squares, topped with marshmello's and covered in buttercream with Hopper natural food colouring.

Old fashioned party games: Egg and Spoon Race, Popcorn Relay Race and Knights and Dragons. Lots of running around for a small group of energetic soccer buddies.

Persistent, Creative, Energetic, Sensitive, Enthusiastic
 A friend to all!
 A great help to his mum and dad and always there for his little brother.

Happy Seventh Birthday!

We shouldn’t ask “What does a person need to be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order today?” Instead we should ask “what lives in each human being and what can be developed in him or her"— Rudolf Steiner

Friday, July 18, 2014

winter mornings

While the little one eats breakfast in his highchair by the wood heater...

And the bigger one looks for his elusive school beanie...

Mama captures the morning frost before the mid-morning arrival of Mrs Thaw.

Welcome King Winter to the Southern Hemisphere!

Hope you are all staying warm and well nourished.