Monday, January 4, 2016

2016, intentions and handmade gifts

I'm so happy we made it back home just in time to bring the New year in quietly and peacefully. Just us. Yes, so very glad to be home after the whirlwind of Christmas.

I've been told it gets better as the children gets older; easier travel, less cheap massed produced toys and presents from well meaning givers. Certainly less stressful if we lived closer and saw everyone on a regular basis. 

I was not on top of my game at the end of last year so we cut short our travels to visit all the family from 10 days away to four. 

What are my intentions for this year? To be connected through local community work. I have a deep desire to be once again back in the community through professional employment. In my previous life (before children) I worked for a municipal Council with a strong community and sustainable focus. Currently I'm studying a Bachelor of Information Studies in Librarianship and  I can't wait to get back in the community and make a professional contribution locally.

Now on to happy birthday makings!

Our littlest peep turned 3 a week before Christmas. Keeping with my tradition of birthday hand makings, I knitted him a Shaun the Sheep toy. He had a lovely Waldorf look; after a few days Archie noticed he didn't have eyes, so I hot glued two big crazy googly eyes, just like in the pattern. Details raveled here.

I also made him a play quilt with 2 packs of 5 inch charm squares. Happy Sunshine by Keiki for Moda and Bella Solids Porcelain. Backing fabric is a Michael Miller one and the batting is natural cotton/bamboo. The quilt pattern is a charming baby quilt with no binding just turn inside out and stitch around the edging. Embroidery thread is used to tie the quilt together.

I took a class on Craftsy by Amy Gibson from Stitchery Dickory Dock. I've made a couple of small quilt projects however I loved learning from such an esteemed teacher.

Felt breakfast food for Archie's birthday gift - a wooden kitchen from Bubby (grandma). My supply of 100% wool felt comes from Indigo Inspirations; always a joy to work with. The pattern for the breakfast food is from SewMamaSew.

A bowl of felt ravioli: I cut 3cm x 3cm squares with my pinking shears and stuffed them with some polyester filling and sewed them up with a simple running stitch. Now I'm inspired to make a fresh batch of ravioli!

How was your Christmas/New Year? Was it stressful or relaxing? What are your intentions for 2016?

Joining in with all the lovely hand makings at Keep Calm Craft On.