Wednesday, April 20, 2016

fair isle hat

My first Fair Isle project. How very disappointing you were when I cast off the last stitch. A large stretchy rim and ugly brown yarn for the crown. I ended up replacing it with a more uplifting colour but still ambivalent about whether we could get through a cold winter season together.  In haste I gave you a quick rough soaking and rolled you in a towel and squeezed the heck out of you until you doubled in sized. Dried, you hung over my sad disappointed eyes. In pure desperation I threw you in the dryer and hoped for the best. Not once but twice but three times and you came out gloriously perfect! Do you have these roller coaster rides with your knitted garments?

Noticing we were low in washcloths, I raided my stash instead of heading to the shops for something store bought. I like washcloth patterns for the big peeps in the house and dishcloths for our little peeps - the smaller size pattern is perfect for little hands.

WARM - a community textile art project is calling out for volunteers to contribute to "an Australian-based large-scale collaborative knitting project that explores why the earth is warming and what we can do to make a positive change."

The designer is tiKKi knits. There's a windmill pattern, flowers, landscape squares, gum leaves, earthy accessories amongst others. Go check out the patterns on Ravelry.

Knitted contributions need to be in by Friday 12th of August, 2016. Pieces will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in September 2016. More information can be found at SEAM, Inc. 

Reading lots on my newly discovered health issue. Also, the Lunch Lady Mag arrived today - totally addicted.

Joining in with all the crafty folks at Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along.

What have you been making crafty peeps?

Zena xx

Thursday, April 7, 2016

in my kitchen march 2016

Afternoon treats for my boys. Frozen Bananas with dark chocolate, coconut and walnuts. I've been making these weekly with different nuts. The kids can't get enough of them. Thank you Lunch Lady!

 Afternoon treats for me! Raw Chocolate Coconut Bites inspired from here.

Spaghetti Bolognaise made with organic beef mince and loads of Rob's homegrown garlic and our fresh garden herbs. Organic pasta for the boys and organic zucchini noodles for us.

Free range chicken wings with garlic and oregano and thyme and drizzled in Australian Olive Oil. Coleslaw with a tasty garlicy sunflower seed sauce.

We had a cold spell so I made the gang Coconut Curry Chicken and Vegetable Pie. Mostly organic from the pastry flour to simple vegetables. The sauce is made with a cup of homemade chicken stock, a small can of ayam coconut milk and some natural arrowroot powder to thicken up and pepper for taste. Wholesome and comforting family food.

Vegan Mexican Bowl with brown organic rice. Red kidney beans sauteed with onions, paprika, cumin, garlic and fresh oregano. I have started to prioritise "clean eating" foods after my ambulance trip to the hospital. The delicious vegan tofu coriander dressing really accentuates this dish.

Chickpea, Spinach and Pumpkin Curry with organic rice for the whole family. Similar recipe to this one.

My mum came to stay after my surgery to cook and look after the children. She prepared all this food the night before a 7 hour bus and train trip from Sydney to the Snowy Mountains. Stashed in her suite case: Babaganoush, Tabouli, Serbian Cheese and Spinach Pie, a ball of Lebanese Shanglesh, A big piece of Prosciutto from Fairfield, Lebanese Bread, and four Lemons cross lime cross grapefruit from her tree. Her description not mine. Dinner was sorted the first night! Oh, and she carried a big curry plant on her journey too!

The next night, Bubba Masa (my mum) made traditional schnitzels served with Rob's delicious wild fermented saurekraut.

The day after she made traditional Serbian Cheese and Spinach Pie, also known as Burek, before anyone woke up!

What have you been cooking folks? Or like me, is someone else cooking and giving you a bit of a break.

Zena xx