Tuesday, March 29, 2016

a craft swap and hormonal health

So happy my craft swap partner in Israel, received her package in time for Easter.  I sewed a scrappy pouch from an organic Japanese fabric bundle, HAIKU by Monaluna. The pouch pattern is from Sew Delicious. A bar of natural Australian Lemon Myrtle Soap, a local beeswax candle and good quality Snowy Mountain Cookies.

Thank you Mamashara at One Grey Elephant blog for hosting the Project Bag Swap.

From my swap partner Jodie at Jelly Wares blog. I absolutely adore my Autumn themed project bag. Inside an exquisite crochet washer almost too good to use; delicious cinnamon black tea; gorgeous Noro yarn I've always wanted to try; and a fingerless mitts pattern. A big squeal on the handcrafted buttons Jodie made from wood sourced on her property. Feeling so spoiled! I found this package on my doorstep on our 4 hour return drive from Calvary hospital in Canberra. It was a lovely surprise to come home to such thoughtfulness after a health scare.

Venturing in to Fair Isle and stranded work. Ripped this back several times due to the pattern being out of sync until I finally realised that all a long it was me that was out of sync!

Aside from lovely crafting, I have been on one heck of a roller coaster ride these last few weeks. Rushed to hospital by ambulance and then surgery 10 days later for removal of a cyst on one ovary and a "clean up." The diagnosis is endometriosis. I am so thankful it is not something worse. This concludes months of exhaustion, depression and an unexplained muffin top that grew from not over eating.

So begins a lot of research in to the world of women's hormones and excess estrogens and xenoestrogens. The surgery, although a laparoscopy has really taken it's toll on me mentally and physically and I never want to go through it again. Being this sick is a burden to my partner and family members that have to travel up to a day to help look after the children.

Even though I lead a pretty good wholefood and natural lifestyle I was extremely tired and depressed and plagued with health issues for over a year. Now I know that the imbalance of hormones has caused this. I keep thinking I'm still 29 years old when in fact I'm a 40 year old mum with young kids which means 40 year old health issues.

Among all the craft and foodie posts on my blog it looks like women's health care will be popping up quite a bit but in some ways it's all related.

 Now back to dodging paper airplanes in bed.

What have you been making dear crafty friends? Are you dealing with a women's health issue? I would love to hear your story. If you would prefer to share privately, please email me using the link next to my profile picture.

Joining in with all the crafty folks at Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along
Zena xx