Monday, August 31, 2015


Archie: Making friends with the neighbours.
Max: Helping his dad stack wood for our wood stove.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Red slouchie

Better colour shot here.

Chestnut slouchie

Two knitted hats for me and one knitted hat for a friend.
That's sounds like good knitting karma to me!

We've all been out with the winter plague for the whole of August! The big one was off school for two weeks. Croup, fevers and constant coughing; one after the other, week after week till lucky last me. 

A broken oven and a grill that turns off and on every five seconds I am really over winter and can't wait for Spring or Sprinter. Have you heard about this? I always assumed early seasonal changes were a sign of global warming.

I'm so relieved I had homemade chicken stock frozen in portions to add to slow cooked meals. I can't emphasize enough the health benefits of homemade stocks for gut issues, eczema, arthritis or as preventative health... If you don't already make your own stock and would like to, I've pinned a 'simple how to' by Natural New Age Mum on my Pinterest board. Once you start making your own you can't go back to store bought. I've also pinned Nourished Kitchen's explanation on Bones, Broths and Stocks. Very subtle but yes I want to be Pinterest friends and I want you to eat yummy homemade nourishing stock.

Out of the kitchen, I'm on a quest to find the perfect beanie. After learning how to knit in the round with Caddy Melville Ledbetter on Craftsy the possibilities are endless. No more knitting flat hats and sewing up the side seams for this little knitter right here. I'm an insanely tight knitter so I cast on the large with 4 extra stitches. I love the big slouchie outcome which incidentally hides my inner highly strung, tight knitting tendencies. Details ravelled here.

 How are your crafty projects and seasonal transitions tying in together?

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