Tuesday, May 12, 2015

little sunflower jumper

A simple child's jumper in worsted Luxury yarn from Bendigo Mills in the delightful colourway, Sunflower.

As the days get shorter and nights longer and the last of the Autumn leaves fall, surely a big cuddly toddler wrapped in wool the colour of sunshine will help keep the wintery blues away.

I’m really happy with my first knitted children’s garment. Even though I didn’t understand the pattern on the neckline and ignored it completely, the garment still came together nicely.

I cast on for size 2 but realised the jumper was too small when I finally made it to the sleeves. I unraveled (internalising the pain while I did this) and cast on for size 4.

Much better and worth unravelling for. Archie looks so cute but most importantly it's nice and loose and warm and comfy for our snowy winters.

What have you been making?

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Monday, May 11, 2015


Max: He gathers the fallen Autumn leaves in a great big pile, as if to collect for mulching, but then with great anticipation he throws the leaves up in the air and screams in pure joy.

Archie: Curiosity in his brothers' skate park scooter, he is thrilled in a guided joy ride.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

chill out wrap

Because isn't that what grandma's do? Chill out:) This is a modernised version of the granny shawl from The Chicks with Sticks. Perfect for Bubby (grandma) because truth be known she's a busy little bee and could in fact, chill out a bit more. It will be a nice surprise on Mother's Day when she finds it in her post box.

I used Stellar yarn in the colourway Garnet from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Bamboo and wool are a match made in heaven. It's so smooth and silky to knit with and nice and warm at a bulky weight.

When I was growing up the mother/daughter relationship was tough especially the teenage years. I had to break down cultural and language barriers. Living in a trillingual family with three different religions had it's hurdles. Food made from scratch and handmade things however have always bypassed any misunderstandings. It is one language we all understand: It tells the recipient that they are loved.

How will you celebrate Mother's Day this year?

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