Wednesday, May 14, 2014

autumn days

 Chasing the sun after a few dreary Autumn days.

Autumn Nature Table. This time up high, away from little fingers.

Easter Buns from this wonderful book, Baking Bread with Children.

 It's not even my birthday! he exclaimed excitedly. Handmade pillowcase. Helpful tips here.

 These two always working hard around the house together.

 Even the little one helps out. Bless him!
 Capturing these precious days at home. This is an important mama job, yes?

How are your Autumn days?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


:a short walk through the forest :: a steep climb to the lighthouse
 :: a breathtaking view from Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse
 :: a magical family day out.

It felt like we had traveled to another country. From kangaroos at our back door to pelicans at our front door. From a lake full of rainbow trout to a lake full of fresh farmed oysters. A family road trip for two blissful weeks in Forster, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie.

There's a very friendly atmosphere in caravan parks. Walking by neatly spaced out caravans and campervans you always get a cheery hello - just like in small towns where you say "g'day" to almost every person that passes you by.

We arrived home on a holiday high and had grand plans of selling everything we own and buying a caravan and traveling around Australia for a year. After some number crunching we realised it's not as cheap as we thought. Also, where would I put all my crafty stuff? What about the veggie garden? Could we have a mobile veggie garden growing in the trailer? Okay, we can't take the trailer. Oh that's right, I really just want to move to a property where we can have chickens. Could we just go camping in the school holidays? Yes, this seems like a much better idea.

But there are some major issues in the camping community. Caravan parks have moved towards attracting more clientele by catering for younger families with facilities such as games rooms and jumping pillows and the entry fees reflect these "extras." Many grey nomads have invested in upfront costs in self sufficient caravans and motor homes and rely on free or low-cost camping areas which are under threat. Both types of camping styles would make it fun yet keep holidaying affordable, except for the initial cost of a second hand camper van, yikes!

For now the shorter and colder Autumn days has brought us back to reality and we are busily preparing for the frosty winter ahead. And next summer? Perhaps a "staycation" will be our only choice.

Do you stay in caravan parks? Are you an RVer? Have you been affected by any of these issues?