Tuesday, June 7, 2016

on hold

Life is still 'on hold' at the moment, while I take each day as it comes in the early stages of recovering from health issues stemming from a few months ago. Here are a few things I've been dabbling in...


I've enrolled in the Endo Wellness Technique. The program "helps strong and determined women manage their Endometriosis successfully by using a holistic approach without hormone treatments or surgery."

I'm only in week 3 and it's already a game changer for me. I am learning so much about what Endometriosis really is. I can see that the last 20 years of painful period and allergy sensitivities are all connected to my new diagnosis. Although I have lots of related respiratory problems at the moment (and this only adds to my anxiety) I am hopeful that in a few months time I will feel much stronger mentally and physically. In a year's time even empowered (!) and I'd like to be a source of help to others. I just have to keep the faith right now.

Check out Melissa Turner's Endo Empowered Program here. If you want to know more about the program subscribe to her emails. There's lots of free information on her blog too. I do urge anyone who suffers with Endometriosis and hormonal issues to check this program out. I believe it can be life changing.

Another Dropcloth Sampler from Rebecca Ringquist. We had a little chat on her etsy messages and I was telling her how much I love Portland (where she lives) and the show Portlandia. She replied that just the other day she saw Fred Armisen whilst shopping. I was really chuffed!

Rebecca has an etsy shop where you can find all her fabulous samplers which incidentally has taken off since she first sold them at a Squam Retreat. You can listen to her thoughtful and creative journey on this podcast.


Prompted by Sophie's Journal Your Heart Out hashtag on Instagram, I took the plunge in to journaling. The words did not come easily at first; however I enjoyed the simple act of cutting and glueing and writing my aspirations, gratitudes and reflections. Now the words come much more easily and I thoroughly enjoy this quiet and soulful time. Sophie guides you with journal writing prompts and collage inspiration on her blog.


A cardigan first cast on in (ahem) 2014. Knitted 95% percent of it and then stored in a basket for a very long time. The button band just needs to be finished however I seem to have made my own adjustments and have no idea what my little scribbles in lead pencil mean on the pattern.

Knitted in Harvest wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills. Unfortunately this yarn was a limited edition and no longer available. It's a shame because this 10 ply blend of wool, alpaca and bamboo is perfect for our snowy winters. Also the tweed is so striking.

I can't regularly find the fiction books I want at our small regional library so I usually have a long wait from inter-library loans. In the mean time, The Edwardian Farm on youtube has been some cheerful watching during my down time.

Joining in with all the crafty folks at Keep Calm Craft On and Yarn Along.

What have you been making, watching, reading?

Zena xx