Friday, July 18, 2014

winter mornings

While the little one eats breakfast in his highchair by the wood heater...

And the bigger one looks for his elusive school beanie...

Mama captures the morning frost before the mid-morning arrival of Mrs Thaw.

Welcome King Winter to the Southern Hemisphere!

Hope you are all staying warm and well nourished.


  1. Wow the frost looks like snow! It look so beautiful! We had lots of ice up here on Friday,
    there where a few car accidents from the slippery roads. We had our wood fire going non stop for the last few days. I've been knitting by the fire finishing off socks,
    You have beautiful views from your place!

    1. The views are so breathtaking but the cold makes it hard to spend long amounts of time outside. We bought an all wheel drive a year after living in a Snow region. I feel a bit more confident driving when the children are in the car on those terrible icy days.

  2. Looks amazing! We have been so cold here as well...No frosts quite like that, although it is expected to reach -1 either tonight or tomorrow morning. Rug up and stay warm!

    1. We are staying focused on staying warm and cooking and eating very nourishing food and so far we have not been sick...unlike last year. Still only half way through winter though!