Wednesday, May 14, 2014

autumn days

 Chasing the sun after a few dreary Autumn days.

Autumn Nature Table. This time up high, away from little fingers.

Easter Buns from this wonderful book, Baking Bread with Children.

 It's not even my birthday! he exclaimed excitedly. Handmade pillowcase. Helpful tips here.

 These two always working hard around the house together.

 Even the little one helps out. Bless him!
 Capturing these precious days at home. This is an important mama job, yes?

How are your Autumn days?


  1. Super important job for a mama, I say and beautifully captured too.
    I love this time of year. I'd be quite happy for an extended (oh say 9 months) of Autumn.

    1. Lovely compliment, Brydie, thanks so much. You take such beautiful photos.

  2. What a perfect looking day!! Love Autumn!

  3. What an amazing tree with the yellow leaves!
    We been chopping and stacking our wood for the winter too.