Thursday, August 7, 2014

a snowy evening

Our region was hit with a wind storm with gusts up to 150km/hr. Inevitably we lost electricity because a tree blew over and hit an electrical cable. Through our window we watched a team of service persons fight against the wind to repair said cable. Then we watched the evening replacement service team work tirelessly against the ferocious wind and darkness until we got too tired and cold to watch anymore and retreated to the wood stove.

We had no electricity on and off for a couple of days and one full night. Needless to say we are very grateful for the first world comforts we get on a daily basis. Even though at this time of year I often complain about how cold I am inside the house and about the continual hanging and drying of clothes in my lounge room!

So I wrote a positive letter commending said team for all their efforts and returning our home comforts. As the old saying goes, "One good turn deserves another."

Then we had a snowy evening and all was calm again.

How has your July been?


  1. It feels very strange looking at snow photos in the middle of a heat wave here in Wales.
    Beautiful photos as always.

  2. Wow look at that snow, Zena! It does look cold I must say. Glad you got your electricity back on.

  3. We were talking the other day of how dependent we were on electricity in winter...glad it was only a couple of days with out for you Zena.

  4. So wish I lived near the snow! I have always wanted to live near mountains! A friend just moved to Tumut and is sending lovely photos. SIGH!!