Wednesday, February 12, 2014

knitting in the heat of summer

Unravelled :: Red yarn for mum that turned out to be a little "too pink" for said person, and a cluttered mind, makes for not a very successful outcome. The beautiful Shalom Cardigan. Free pattern here.

My first cardigan :: This time red yarn turned out to be the perfect rusty red tweed and along with joining a knitting class makes for a very motivating and harmonious project.

Our beautiful Summer nature table :: With all the knitting going on around here you could be confused as to what season it really is: A very hot and fire hazardous summer!

Joining in with all the lovely hand makings at Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. Zena, I hope it cools down for everyone soon. It has been a fairly mild summer here in SE Qld apart from a couple of heatwaves which broke records but they only last a few days unlike down south. I quite like the pink wool!

    1. Hopefully one day I will come across a project that will inspire me to use that pink yarn, it cost quite a penny.